First-Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Ghana

First-Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Ghana

Response to Cure2Children


BMT Ghana responds to the comment found on the Cure2Children website.

The shareholders, trustees and directors of BMT Ghana Foundation find it regrettable that, Dr Lawrence Faulkner is capable of publishing such blatant accusations against their persons and the foundation.  

We are however the least surprised, because Dr Faulkner left BMT Ghana when he did realize that, BMT Ghana Foundation and its directors and founders do not and cannot be manipulates for personal gains.

What Dr Faulkner failed to detail on his website is the fact that he was upset because BMT Ghana Foundation refused his request to name the first and only bone marrow transplant unit in Ghana after one Mr. Davide Astori (a former Italian footballer)

He also requested that the original constitutional document of BMT Ghana Foundation be redrafted in favour of him and Cure2Children, and demanded an election to appoint a new CEO.

For the avoidance of the doubt, we hereby state unequivocally that, all our procedures including those that Dr Faulkner performed are according to international standards and are well documented as required by convention.

We are similarly unequivocal that Dr Faulkner’s assertion regarding insufficient financial transparency and poor overall planning is misguided. Our finances have been properly accounted for and audited by reputable firm of accountants and auditors and are posted on our webpage for anyone to review as a testament to our financial transparency.

That said, we trust that, this unfounded accusation is laid to rest and that, although we would not be surprised at all by similar sinister posts from this discredited person or his agents, we prefer to remain focused on providing treatment for the many children and families in sub-Saharan Africa who are suffering from a debilitating yet curable disease.

Indeed, since Dr Lawrence Faulkner voluntarily retired in October 2018, with the support of well-meaning donors, sponsors and volunteers we have performed four (4) successful transplants and are cued to perform a lot more before the end of the year.

Since October 2018, Dr Faulkner is no longer associated with this program and has never ever been involved in any activities of BMT Ghana Foundation nor did he ‘’continue to follow patients in collaboration with Dr Edward Ziga and all the local staff’’’ as stated on the Cure2Children website.

This achievement, the relief we bring to these children and their families is fulfilling enough and motivates us to look towards providing the service to many more who can ill afford it.

BMT Ghana Foundation and its staff hereby recommend that all inquiries be channelled through the program staff as listed on our website and other media platforms.


Dr Edward Dela Ziga

Medical Director, BMT Ghana Foundation


Dr John Y. Logah

CEO, BMT Ghana Foundation


What our BMT Unit Do Stand for

Bone Marrow Transplantation Ghana, is a non- governmental and non-profit making Ghanaian healthcare brand that aims at revolutionizing patient-care and patient-experiences in the country with advanced treatment, state-of-the-art infrastructure and unparalleled commitment to clinical excellence. We intend to pioneer several path-breaking procedures to offer a new lease of life to people from Ghana and other sub-Sahara African nations and abroad. Connect with our International Patient Relations to understand more about how we can bring you closer to our personalized, coordinated health care and one of the world renowned medical solutions.

Delivering an excellence of clinical care is our sacred responsibility to each of our patient, and that ought to be a way of life at the Bone Marrow Transplantation Ghana medical Centre.

Breaking News

BMT Ghana has successfully performed  eight Bone Marrow Transplants between July 2018 and March 2019. Five (5) Haploidentical transplants (using father or mother as a donor) and Three (3) full match (using sister or brother).

The cure is here to stay in Ghana. This would help millions of Ghanaians and many other African patients who have met the BMT criteria to have it.

And those who have based their entire medical and political careers on telling lies or making false publications that there is no cure to Sickle Cell Diseases and other blood disorders have been disbud.

Why are folks working so hard to deny patients the truth to BMT? Some folks sit on the side-lines and root for failure and others are standing in the way of progress.

It is so frustrating the way in which BMT was mauled by critics in Ghana. Some of people’s concerns have grown out of bogus claims spread by those whose only agenda is to kill the progress and the good news BMT Ghana brings at any cost.

One thing that is clear and I am very confident about is that history is not kind and would not be to those who deny patients and their families the basic right to cure (BMT).

Of course, we have no interest whatsoever in putting pharmaceutical companies and their interest groups out of business but to give millions of poor innocent children and their families who have met the criteria for BMT a relieve and a fair chance to cure.

Well, the time for bickering is over and now is when we must bring the best ideas together to help innocent children who die every day of curable SCDs in our dear country Ghana and beyond.

At this note, we are willing to work with anyone who is genuinely willing to make this program work even better. We remain open to other ideas that accomplish our very goal.





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